List of TDCC - Tab III - Belted cartridge


Calibres of rifled long centre fire weapons for Belted cartridges.
The metric calibres are classed before the calibres originally designated in inches. The classification is in growing and in alphabetical order according to the designation of the calibre.
Transducer method

300 Weath. Mag.1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,004400506055005880
300 Win. Mag.1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,004300494553754935
308 Norma Mag.1984-06-142016-10-18Sweden25,004400506055004935
338 Win. Mag. 1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,004300494553755460
338-378 Weath. Mag1998-02-092009-05-05United states25,004400506055007350
340 Weath. Mag.1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,004400506055006825
350 Rem.Mag.1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,004300494553754620
358 Norma Mag. 1984-06-142002-05-15Sweden25,004400506055004725
375 H&H Mag.1984-06-142002-05-15United kingdom25,004300494553756090
375 Weath.Mag. 1987-01-172002-05-15United states25,004400506055007350
378 Weath.Mag. 1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,004400506055008085
400 H&H Belt. Mag.2005-05-25United kingdom25,004400506055006800
416 Rem. Mag. 1989-09-102004-05-18United states25,004300494553757245
416 Taylor Mag.2008-04-152011-05-25United states25,004400506055007400
416 Weath.Mag.1991-02-192004-05-18United states25,004400506055009030
450 Marlin2009-05-05United states25,003300379541254850
458 Lott2000-08-242006-05-16United states25,004300494553757140
458 Win. Mag. 1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,004300494553756615
460 Weath. Mag.1984-06-142002-05-15United states25,0044005060550010605
465 H&H Belt. Mag.2006-09-19United kingdom25,004300494553758300

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PT max
= maximum average pressure (bar)
= 1,15 Pmax = maximum statistical individual pressure (bar)
= 1,25 Pmax = mean proof pressure (bar)
= location of the pressure take (mm)
= minimal proof energy (Joule)


- For conformal or tangential transducers the location (M) is that defined by the manufacturer.

- If the dimensions of Table IV of the TDCC, developed for revolvers, are used for rifles or pistols, the data sheet with the inscription "(carb) " of the corresponding size shall be used as the basis for the dimension control.

Belt. Riml.=Belted Rimless
lg=LongFl. N.E.=Flanged Nitro Express
N.E.=Nitro ExpressWin.=Winchester
   H&H=Holland and Holland