List of TDCC - Tab IV - Pistol and revolver cartridges


Calibres of rifled short weapons for pistol and revolver cartridges.
The metric calibres are classed before the calibres originally designated in inches. The classification is in growing and in alphabetical order according to the designation of the calibre.
Transducer method

38 Spl. Wad Cut.1984-06-142000-06-07United states10,50120013801560
38 Super Auto1984-06-142008-09-23United states12,50230026452990
38/357 FX1998-01-272000-06-07Canada12,50350403455
38-45 ACP1984-06-142000-06-07United states12,50235027033055
380 Long 1984-06-142000-06-07United kingdom12,507708861001
380 Short1984-06-142000-06-07United kingdom10,50680782884
40 S&W1990-02-012000-06-07United states10,50225025882925
41 ACT EXP1986-12-032000-06-07Israel10,50225025882925
41 Long Colt 1984-06-142000-06-07United states12,5090010351170
41 Rem. Mag.1986-12-142000-06-07United states17,50300034503900
44 Colt2000-02-152000-06-07United states12,50100011501300
44 Rem. Mag.1986-12-142000-06-07United states17,50280032203640
44 Rem. Mag. (carb)1984-06-141995-05-10United states
44 S&W Russian1984-06-142000-06-07United states12,50100011501300
44 S&W Special1984-06-142000-06-07United states17,50100011501300
44 S&W Special (carb)1984-06-141995-05-10United states
45 Auto1984-06-142020-04-21United states12,50130014951690
45 Auto Rim1984-06-142000-06-07United states12,50120013801560
45 Colt1984-06-142000-06-07United states12,50110012651430
45 Colt (carb)1984-06-141995-05-10United states

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PT max
= maximum average pressure (bar)
= 1,15 Pmax = maximum statistical individual pressure (bar)
= 1,30 Pmax = mean proof pressure (bar)
= location of the pressure take (mm)


- For conformal or tangential transducers the location (M) is that defined by the manufacturer.

- If the dimensions of Table IV of the TDCC, developed for revolvers, are used for rifles or pistols, the data sheet with the inscription "(carb) " of the corresponding size shall be used as the basis for the dimension control.

N.P.=New PoliceS&W=Smith and Wesson
Wad Cut=Wad CutterACP=Auto Colt Pistol
Ord.It.=Ordonance Italienne