List of TDCC - Tab I - Rimless cartridges


Calibres of rifled long centre fire weapons for rimless cartridges.
The metric calibres are classed before the calibres originally designated in inches. The classification is in growing and in alphabetical order according to the designation of the calibre.
Transducer method

375 Rem. Ultra Mag.2002-01-222004-05-18United states25,004400506055007350
375 Ruger2009-05-05United states25,004275491653446350
375 SWISS P2018-05-16Switzerland25,004200483052507500
376 Steyr1999-01-202002-05-15Austria25,004300494553755200
404 Riml. N.E.1984-06-142020-04-21United kingdom25,003650419845606815
416 A-TEC2016-05-18Norway25,004150477351883000
416 Barrett2016-05-18United states25,0044005060550014250
416 Rigby1984-06-142002-05-15United kingdom25,003250373840607270
416 Ruger2010-05-26United states25,004300494553757275
416 TYR2014-05-20Turkey25,0044005060550010500
45 Blaser2002-10-212005-12-07Germany25,003700425546254650
450 Bushmaster2010-05-26United states25,002700310533753950
450 Rigby2000-02-152007-05-14United kingdom25,004000460050008715
460 Steyr2006-05-16Austria40,0037004255462515000
50 Browning1995-05-312018-10-17United states25,0037004255462515000
500 Jeffery1999-01-122002-05-15United kingdom25,003300379541259660
500 TLD2018-10-17France25,0037004255462515000
505 Mag. Gibbs1984-06-142002-05-15United kingdom25,002700310533757040
510 DTC2004-05-182004-09-27United kingdom25,0036004140450014870

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PT max
= maximum average pressure (bar)
PTc max
= maximum average pressure, transducer, conformal (bar)
= 1,15 Pmax = maximum statistical individual pressure (bar)
= 1,25 Pmax = mean proof pressure (bar)
= location of the pressure take (mm)
= minimal proof energy (Joule)


- For conformal or tangential transducers the location (M) is that defined by the manufacturer.

- If the dimensions of Table IV of the TDCC, developed for revolvers, are used for rifles or pistols, the data sheet with the inscription "(carb) " of the corresponding size shall be used as the basis for the dimension control.

Mag.=MagnumSEv.H.=Super Express vom Hofe
M.Sch.=Mannlicher SchönauerSE=Schweden
H.V.=High VelocityRiml.N.E.=Rimless Nitro Express