List of TDCC - Tab I - Rimless cartridges

Calibres of rifled long centre fire weapons for rimless cartridges.
The metric calibres are classed before the calibres originally designated in inches. The classification is in growing and in alphabetical order according to the designation of the calibre.
Transducer method

6,5 mm Lahoz2011-05-25France253450396843132010
6,5 PRC2018-10-17United states254400506055004000
6,8 mm Rem. SPC2006-05-16United states254050465850632993
7 x 33 Sako1995-03-092002-05-15Finland17,52800322035001715
7 X 44 Penna2013-05-22Italy254400506055002000
7 x 571984-06-142002-05-15Germany253900448548753450
7 x 641984-06-142002-05-15Germany254150477351904270
7-47 GS2013-05-22Italy254350500354383600
7 mm - 08 Rem.1984-06-142002-05-15United states254150477351903720
7 mm Blaser Mag.2009-05-05Sweden254200483052504585
7 mm B.R. Rem.1994-03-012002-05-15United states17,54050465850603150
7 mm Exp. Rem.1984-06-142002-05-15United states254050465850603930
7 mm KM1999-09-012011-05-25Germany254400506055005670
7 mm Rem. SA Ultra Mag.2004-09-27United states254400506055004500
7 mm Rem. Ultra Mag.2002-01-222002-05-15United states254400506055005250
7 mm SE v.H.1984-06-142002-05-15Germany254400506055004525
7 mm Win. Short Mag.2002-01-222011-05-25United states254400506055004830
7 mm Zentile2018-10-17Italy254400506055004830
7,21 Firebird2002-01-222008-09-23Finland254400506055006375
7,5 x 54 MAS2007-05-142011-05-25France253800437047503250

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PT max
= maximum average pressure (bar)
PTc max
= maximum average pressure "conformal" (bar)
= 1,15 Pmax = maximum statistical individual pressure (bar)
= 1,25 Pmax = mean proof pressure (bar)
= location of the pressure take (mm)
= minimal proof energy (Joule)
Notice: For conformal or tangential transducers the location (M) is that defined by the manufacturer.

Mag.=MagnumSEv.H.=Super Express vom Hofe
M.Sch.=Mannlicher SchönauerSE=Schweden
H.V.=High VelocityRiml.N.E.=Rimless Nitro Express